NUMUV Transfer Animation by

NŪMŪV: What is it, and who cares?

The primary design-hypothesis of the NUMUV concept:

De-coupling the cabin from the conveyance enables a whole new mobility system – both physically, and digitally.

Depending on the point of view and area of expertise, various people will see different aspects of the NUMUV system that are interrelated:

A Transportation Designer may see:

  • a modularized vehicle system with a wide variety of interoperable ‘transporters’ and ‘cabins’
  • leverage existing infrastructure and transport modes in a new way

A Logistics Professional may see:

  • ‘Containerization’ which has proven to “make the word smaller, and the economy bigger”

A Supply-Chain Professional may see:

  • A digital-thread system that “follows the Person / Product” and not the purchase or delivery order

A Software Engineer may see:

  • Internet of Things and Autonomous Robotics

A Hardware Engineer may see:

  • Robotics and Microcontrollers

An Industrial Automation Engineer may see:

  • Meh

Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision

Citroën has unveiled a new urban mobility concept that sees lines of autonomous, electric and interchangeable pods winding through cities of the future. The Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision is primarily a flat, wheeled portion called the Skate that moves the vehicle. On top, any number of manufacturers can install capsules of their own design.

what is this?

GPT 4o does not really know, but does provide a useful ‘description’ / translation!

A historical illustration showing a mechanism for transferring a stagecoach or similar vehicle onto a railway wagon. The text at the bottom is German and reads “Maschine zum Uebersetzen der Diligencen auf Eisenbahnwaggons,” which translates to “Machine for transferring the coaches onto railway wagons.”

Based on the style and subject matter, it likely dates back to the 19th century, during the early days of rail transportation when such mechanisms were developed to facilitate the movement of passengers and cargo between different modes of transport.