the supply chain simulator from the future

INDUSTRY 5.0 is a ‘serious game’1Definition: 1. Clearly defined, measurable learning objectives 2. Provide players with a clearly identified challenge/problem 3. Provide players with positive/negative feedback with respect to progress toward the game’s challenge and achievement of learning objectives that enables players and teams to compete with experimental business-models – enabled by dynamic new supply-chain capabilities and autonomous transport & logistics.

Based on anticipated capabilities by ~2050, where pervasive connectivity, in-motion robotic ‘factories’, autonomous transport & transfer – are getting the right people and / or products in the right amount, place, and time – even in space!

Why a Simulation game?

INDUSTRY 5.0 is motivated by the need for a simulation-space for supply-chain experimentation and innovation – to envision, and potentially achieve a more productive future, faster.

To do this, we must stand in the future and ask, “what if the current ‘4.0’ technologies are only a start-point – not the destination?

Then what?

What does INDUSTRY 5.0 anticipate about the world of 2050?

  • All People & Things are ‘smart & connected’
  • Fully-Autonomous Transport2In-Motion Pickup, Transfer & Delivery for People & Cargo exists (see NŪMŪV)
  • Perpetually In-Motion Robo-Factories & Warehouses
  • Space Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Business environment that rewards profit and purposefulness
  • Some things will not change
    • The Laws of Physics – ‘teleportation’ of matter still not possible.
      • Your orbital or moon-based factory will behave a little differently!

How is INDUSTRY 5.0 different than 20th Century Supply-Chain systems?

Unique, Core-Capabilities of the INDUSTRY 5.0 game:

  • Dynamic Demand : Supply + Move-Graph matching3according to objectives / rules & constraints – that the player controls
  • Business ‘scoring’ based on Margin, Growth, and Purpose
  • Energy & emissions calculation & costing
  • Own : Subscribe transactional model for products / assets, across lifecycle – full-circle.
  • Person & Product-centricity4Inverted relationship to system – capable of telling the game where they need to be next, and when
  • ‘Transient-Nested-Relativity’ representation concept for ever-changing Demand : Supply positions in time & space
  • Train your model to make decisions according to service level and cost objectives


  • Players make decisions from options presented in relation to ‘opportunities’ & ‘trends’
  • Minimal ‘user interaction’. All-gestural interface, no ‘manual-data-entry’
  • Sophisticated business-graphics, visualization and animation


  • Offered to current MBA / Operations & Supply-Chain students & faculty5ie add your own pricing, ‘planning’, product-configuration, optimizers, and other rules – as a means to ‘master’ the game – and gain advantage over competitors (both real & AI)


  • INDUSTRY 5.0 is realistic, based on 25 years of software design & development experience on the leading edge of Enterprise Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Logistics.

Who should play INDUSTRY 5.0?

  • Corporate Teams to experiment and innovate with the ‘art of the possible’
  • MBA / Supply Chain & Operations students
  • Anyone interested in Business & Supply-Chain techno-geekery
INDUSTRY 5.0 Business Activity Simulator by Design-Science

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