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the future is closer than it appears

In the fall of 2020, I embarked on a journey to revolutionize the concept of supply chain management – and all that ‘SCM’ has come to embrace or imply.

However, realizing the rapid evolution of technology, I was determined NOT to be constrained by a fixed “tech stack” or mindset from the start – but to focus solely on how “it” should behave, given different conditions and scenarios.

Drawing on my 25+ years of experience in Enterprise Software, I firmly believe that initial tech-decisions have an immense and lasting impact on the speed, agility, and innovation throughout the entire company and product lifecycle.

I am grateful that I held off, as the future trajectory has become increasingly clear with each passing month, week, or day (recently)!

With this in mind, there is no better time than NOW to accelerate the development of a new approach to enabling the dynamic and intelligent enterprise of the future.

If this sounds interesting, or is your kinda thing – please reach out!

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Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision

Citroën has unveiled a new urban mobility concept that sees lines of autonomous, electric and interchangeable pods winding through cities of the future. The Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision is primarily a flat, wheeled portion called the Skate that moves the vehicle. On top, any number of manufacturers can install capsules of their own design.

stand in the future…

stand in the future to solve today’s problems

Steve Justice, Skunk Works – Lockheed-Martin

This quote really resonates with me.

After 25 years at the leading-edge of Enterprise & Supply-Chain technology with trailblazing and iconic companies – where I was privileged to learn from industry-legends – I have developed an obsession for achieving ‘elegance’ in solutions to highly-complex problems.

It is something that I have repeatedly attempted to deliver, with successes & failures. However, it is always constrained by limitations that were built-in from the start – and this means 20-50 years ago – and also from the ‘paralysis’ that comes from induced artificial-complexity, that typically compounds over time.

After resigning1from management & NOT from my colleagues – some of the very best in the business! from Infor2 a KOCH company in October 2020, I was determined to see if I could design a ‘dream system’ for global trade & logistics – for a foreseeable future. A completely-new approach to address the wicked-problems we face in the present, anticipates the potential in the next 30 years or so, and provides a concrete, realistic example of how an ideal system could be. It represents a new system-design and set of principles that could make a positive impact on ‘how the world works’ in the 21st century, and beyond.

2050 seems ambitious and aspirational enough to ‘anticipate’. Its a year I hope to see – a world where my grand-daughter will be 30 years old.

the calls for action

Supply-Chain challenges and failures are front-and-center, making today’s headlines – with calls to “re-think, or re-imagine supply-chain”, or to reduce unnecessary complexity and barriers.

To achieve the results & benefits the world needs, then we must envision what that future could be. We need to stand in the future.

taking action!

Today, with all the hype surrounding the latest concepts and buzzwords like ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘Digital Transformation’, and ‘Self-Driving’, or ‘Autonomous’ this-or-that…

You have to wonder, ‘how will we get there from here?’, and subsequently, ‘then what’?

Will it actually be ‘better’ than what we have today?

How will we get to an INDUSTRY 4.0 ‘vision’ – with a conflagration of business-processes, constructs, and assumptions from 20-50, or even 70+ years ago?

the best way to predict the future
is to invent it.


In the spirit of the ‘art of the possible’ – I dedicated myself to create something completely different than anything that exists today, with zero-dependencies on the past – that can only be appreciated when you ‘stand in the future to solve today’s problems‘ – and not to remain stuck in the past.

I have created a Supply-Chain Management Simulation Game, called INDUSTRY 5.0 – and an experimental Autonomous Logistics System for People & Cargo called NŪMŪV.

  • INDUSTRY 5.0 is a ‘serious game’ that enables you to envision business models, supply chains and logistics of the future – based on anticipated capabilities, where autonomous robotics are manufacturing & moving people & cargo – even in space!
  • NŪMŪV (i.e. ‘new move’) is an experimental multi-modal transport system-simulator – one that moves both people and cargo ‘autonomously’ – orchestrated by supply & demand, in time & space via the INDUSTRY 5.0 game.

what next?

With a comprehensive design-specification and several Patents in process, we are now in the early stages of development, and getting closer to be able to really show it off.

  • Do you want to know more?
  • Do you want to help?
  • Do you want to Invest or Partner?

We greatly appreciate any encouragement and support in this early stage.

Onward and upward!