supply chain visualization generated by robb bush using midjourney #promptengineering

the future is closer than it appears

In the fall of 2020, I embarked on a journey to revolutionize the concept of supply chain management – and all that ‘SCM’ has come to embrace or imply.

However, realizing the rapid evolution of technology, I was determined NOT to be constrained by a fixed “tech stack” or mindset from the start – but to focus solely on how “it” should behave, given different conditions and scenarios.

Drawing on my 25+ years of experience in Enterprise Software, I firmly believe that initial tech-decisions have an immense and lasting impact on the speed, agility, and innovation throughout the entire company and product lifecycle.

I am grateful that I held off, as the future trajectory has become increasingly clear with each passing month, week, or day (recently)!

With this in mind, there is no better time than NOW to accelerate the development of a new approach to enabling the dynamic and intelligent enterprise of the future.

If this sounds interesting, or is your kinda thing – please reach out!

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NŪMŪV: What is it, and who cares?

The primary design-hypothesis of the NUMUV concept:

De-coupling the cabin from the conveyance enables a whole new mobility system – both physically, and digitally.

Depending on the point of view and area of expertise, various people will see different aspects of the NUMUV system that are interrelated:

A Transportation Designer may see:

  • a modularized vehicle system with a wide variety of interoperable ‘transporters’ and ‘cabins’
  • leverage existing infrastructure and transport modes in a new way

A Logistics Professional may see:

  • ‘Containerization’ which has proven to “make the word smaller, and the economy bigger”

A Supply-Chain Professional may see:

  • A digital-thread system that “follows the Person / Product” and not the purchase or delivery order

A Software Engineer may see:

  • Internet of Things and Autonomous Robotics

A Hardware Engineer may see:

  • Robotics and Microcontrollers

An Industrial Automation Engineer may see:

  • Meh