NŪMŪV: What is it, and who cares?

The primary design-hypothesis of the NUMUV concept:

De-coupling the cabin from the conveyance enables a whole new mobility system – both physically, and digitally.

Depending on the point of view and area of expertise, various people will see different aspects of the NUMUV system that are interrelated:

A Transportation Designer may see:

  • a modularized vehicle system with a wide variety of interoperable ‘transporters’ and ‘cabins’
  • leverage existing infrastructure and transport modes in a new way

A Logistics Professional may see:

  • ‘Containerization’ which has proven to “make the word smaller, and the economy bigger”

A Supply-Chain Professional may see:

  • A digital-thread system that “follows the Person / Product” and not the purchase or delivery order

A Software Engineer may see:

  • Internet of Things and Autonomous Robotics

A Hardware Engineer may see:

  • Robotics and Microcontrollers

An Industrial Automation Engineer may see:

  • Meh