concept illustrations

July 20, 2022

midjourney ai is useful for generating unique images of places and things that do not exist.

While the generated images below are not precise, they DO provide a fairly accurate representation of the ‘vision’ for our INDUSTRY 5.0 demand : supply-chain simulator and NUMUV modular transport & logistics concepts.

The actual design specifications for INDUSTRY 5.0 and NUMUV are very detailed – with the look of technical or patent illustrations – and cannot be shared publicly. These select images are only a subset of many more that range between ‘abstract art’ and other bizarre combinations. All are fascinating!

‘Midjourney’ is an appropriate name, because it can help a designer explore MANY possible concepts and combinations very fast. Midjourney gets you “halfway there”, faster – but it does NOT replace the experience, talent and skill required to get “all the way there”.

All images were generated by robb bush / using midjourney ai. no 3rd party artist / designer names or works were invoked to generate these images.