that time I did a TED-talk pitch contest (and won)

I recorded these videos in February 2012 as part of a pitch contest for TEDx Austin 2012 held at the (brand new) Circuit of the Americas.

I won, and got a free pass to the event. Nothing else ever came of it.

The Future of Mobility

1. Own or Subscribe?

No one buys a cable box anymore – or even buys their own phone and probably even your computers and devices anymore.

So why should I own a car? I’d rather subscribe.

I have a family of four including two teenagers and I’m willing to sign a contract with the manufacturer for all my family’s transportation for the next two to three years.

Here’s the deal: we should be able to swap our vehicles anytime and get the right-size vehicle when needed. Small car for small trips, big car for big trips.

Heck, I’ll even visit the dealership more often – and I may buy other stuff there.

2. Multi-Modal Network!

Even cooler, we should be able to expand our transportation network easily – you know, \ if we need a bike, scooter, bus, train, airplane – whatever – we need a total logistics system.

And get this, by using other partner services i’ll learn partner or loyalty credits to use towards something special – maybe an outrageous supercar for the weekend!

3. Incentives for Sustainability!

How about this? If I opt-in and allow people to discover me with their smartphones they can ride share with me and I’ll get even more credits.

This new mobility business model will be so much better in so many ways and in today’s economy and the challenges we face – it’s a really smarter way to go.