about Robb Bush

Robb Bush is an experienced designer of enterprise software and supply chain solutions, with a track record of over three decades in steering product innovation and strategic growth across complex industries. Robb’s expertise lies in identifying and capitalizing on emerging technological trends to solve high-value business challenges innovatively. With a recent focus on generative AI, Robb has led transformative projects that enhance operational efficiencies, customer engagement, and market competitiveness. Robb thrives in roles where he can drive technological innovation, mentor dynamic teams, and create visionary products that not only lead the market but redefine it. Robb is always looking for opportunities to leverage his blend of strategic vision, technological acumen, and leadership in an environment that values bold ideas and transformative solutions.

what Robb does…

1. Creating and Launching a New Products in Highly Competitive Markets

  • Challenge: Entering a saturated market, needing to differentiate and capture market share quickly.
  • Application of Robb’s Expertise: Robb’s experience with the Infor Nexus Control Center, where he led the product from ideation to market launch, shows his capability to innovate within competitive spaces. By leveraging core competencies, engaging in co-innovation, and focusing on customer experience, Robb could guide the development and launch of a product that stands out through its unique value proposition and superior user experience.

2. Integrating Generative AI into Existing Product Lines

  • Challenge: A company seeks to innovate by incorporating generative AI capabilities into their existing product suite but lacks the expertise and strategic direction to do so effectively.
  • Application of Robb’s Expertise: With Robb’s hands-on experience in experimenting with Generative AI tools and integrating them into products, he would be well-placed to lead such an initiative. His approach would likely involve identifying key areas where AI can add value, rapidly prototyping to validate these ideas, and then executing a roadmap that aligns with the company’s strategic objectives and customer needs.

3. Streamlining Product Development Processes in a Growing Enterprise

  • Challenge: A fast-growing company struggles with siloed departments and inefficient product development processes, hampering its ability to innovate and meet market demands.
  • Application of Robb’s Expertise: Robb’s experience in leading cross-functional teams and his advocacy for “Temporary Swarms” of cross-functional, in-person teams could be instrumental. By applying these methodologies, he could help the company break down silos, foster better collaboration, and streamline the product development lifecycle, ensuring that new products are brought to market more efficiently.

4. Navigating Post-Merger Integration of Product Lines

  • Challenge: After a merger, a company faces the daunting task of integrating diverse product lines and cultures without disrupting ongoing operations or losing market focus.
  • Application of Robb’s Expertise: Given Robb’s extensive experience with M&A and post-merger integration (PMI), particularly his insights into blending cultures and visions to achieve a synergistic outcome, he would be uniquely qualified to lead this complex integration. His strategic foresight and ability to drive cross-functional excellence would be key to unifying the product strategy post-merger, ensuring a smooth transition, and setting a solid foundation for future growth.

5. Overcoming Customer Fatigue with Existing Products

  • Challenge: Customers are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the current offerings, leading to a decline in engagement and sales.
  • Application of Robb’s Expertise: Similar to his approach at Infor, where he tackled customer fatigue and new competitive pressures, Robb could apply his experience in re-designing and re-packaging existing products to help expand and extend rejuvenate interest and confidence in the product lineup.

In each scenario, Robb’s strategic thinking, innovative approach, and leadership in product development and integration could provide the guidance needed to overcome these challenges effectively.

career themes

Across Robb Bush’s career, several common themes emerge across his past products, projects, and initiatives. These themes not only showcase his strategic approach to product development and innovation but also highlight his unique blend of skills and vision that have consistently driven success and impact.

  1. Innovation and Forward-Thinking: Robb has consistently been at the forefront of introducing groundbreaking products that expand market reach and enhance competitive edge. His involvement with Generative AI tools and the development of the very first highly-graphical Supply Chain “Control Towers” are prime examples of his innovative spirit.
  2. Focus on Supply Chain Solutions: A significant portion of Robb’s career has been dedicated to advancing supply chain solutions, evidenced by his pivotal contributions to the evolution of this sector. From delivering some of the most well-known Supply Chain Control Towers to reimagining data intelligence for modern life sciences and healthcare organizations at L7 Informatics, his work has significantly shaped strategic supply chain operations.
  3. Leveraging Advanced Technologies: Robb has a deep expertise in utilizing advanced technologies to solve complex business problems. His exploration of Generative AI, big data analytics, and rapid prototyping using low-code tools demonstrates a strong commitment to harnessing technology’s potential to enhance business operations and customer experiences.
  4. Cross-Functional Leadership: His leadership style transcends traditional boundaries, as seen in his ability to scale innovations from startup ventures to established corporate practices. Robb’s approach to product design is inclusive of cross-functional needs, ensuring a cohesive strategy that incorporates sales, marketing, professional services, and support.
  5. Commitment to Customer Experience: Robb’s work consistently emphasizes the importance of customer experience, from ideation through execution. This is evident in his role at L7 Informatics, where he transformed brand perception and customer experience, and through the development of AI-powered productivity tools that improve customer interactions and outcomes.
  6. Strategic Product Roadmapping: Robb has demonstrated a keen ability to develop strategic product roadmaps, particularly for complex markets or greenfield businesses. His work on the Infor NEXUS Control Center and other products showcases a methodical approach to aligning product strategy with market needs and emerging opportunities.
  7. Emphasis on Visual and Analytical Solutions: Across his career, Robb has shown a penchant for integrating advanced data visualization, analytics, and user interface design to make complex information more accessible and actionable. His contributions to software solutions in various roles underscore a commitment to enhancing decision-making through better data representation.

These themes reflect Robb’s ability to integrate visionary product strategy, advanced technology, and customer-centric design to create impactful solutions across industries. His work not only advances the capabilities of the organizations he has been part of but also sets a benchmark for innovation and strategic leadership in the enterprise software and supply chain sectors.

history of vision, growth and innovation

Throughout my career, identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities has been a cornerstone of my approach to strategic product development and innovation. Here’s how I’ve approached this challenge:

  1. Capturing Market Opportunities: The first step in identifying new market opportunities has always been thorough market research and analysis. This involves not only understanding the current market landscape, including competitors, customer needs, and technology trends, but also anticipating future developments. For example, my involvement with enterprise software and supply chain solutions allowed me to leverage advanced analytics, real-time data visibility, and cross-functional collaboration to address unmet needs in the supply chain sector.
  2. Leveraging Technological Advancements: My career has been marked by an early and keen adoption of emerging technologies. Since mid-2022, I have experimented with many Generative AI tools, leading several initiatives that highlight my commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technology. By integrating these advancements into existing product lines or creating entirely new offerings, I’ve been able to open up new market opportunities and solve complex business challenges in innovative ways.
  3. Cross-Domain Expertise: My deep expertise across adjacent domains such as Sourcing & Procurement, Product Lifecycle Management, and Transportation & Logistics has enabled me to identify synergies and opportunities that others might overlook. This cross-domain expertise, coupled with a strong foundation in Advanced Data Visualization and Business Analytics, has been instrumental in identifying new market opportunities by connecting seemingly disparate dots.
  4. Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration: Building strategic partnerships and fostering a culture of collaboration within and across organizations has been a key strategy. For instance, at L7 Informatics, as the Chief Experience Officer, I streamlined cross-functional capabilities significantly enhancing the customer journey. This not only strengthened the company’s brand perception but also opened up new avenues for market expansion by delivering AI-powered productivity tools.
  5. Innovation and Customer-Centric Product Development: My philosophy has always been centered around innovation and a customer-centric approach to product development. By focusing on delivering quantifiable business value and enhancing the lifecycle customer experience, I’ve been able to develop products and services that not only meet current market needs but also anticipate future demands.
  6. Strategic Vision for Growth: My roles have often involved identifying and strategizing for significant growth objectives. For instance, my vision for the future has included roles such as Chief Product Officer, Head of New Products/Innovation, and CTO, where the primary focus is on transforming existing portfolios to grow new customer bases or expand into new markets, thereby improving competitiveness and customer experience.

In essence, my approach to identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities has been multi-faceted, combining strategic vision, technological innovation, cross-domain expertise, and a relentless focus on customer value. This holistic strategy has enabled me to not only identify new market opportunities but also successfully capitalize on them, driving growth and enhancing competitive advantage.

career summary

Robb Bush’s professional journey has been marked by significant impacts across various organizations, highlighting his capacity for innovation, strategic leadership, and vision. Here’s a summary of his contributions and impacts in his roles:

1. Design-Science (January 2021 – Present)

  • Role: Founder
  • Impact: At Design-Science, Robb is focused on accelerating productivity with AI-powered solutions. He has built multi-modal content-generation pipelines, ai-process automation projects, and developed rapid functional prototypes using low-code tools with AI-API integrations.

2. L7 Informatics (September 2021 – February 2024)

  • Role: CXO (Chief Experience Officer)
  • Impact: Robb transformed L7 Informatics’ brand perception and customer experience by streamlining cross-functional capabilities and enhancing overall responsiveness. He was pivotal in fostering a vibrant community for knowledge exchange, thus solidifying L7’s position as a leader in data intelligence for life sciences and healthcare.

3. Infor (March 2016 – October 2020)

  • Role: Vice President of Product Management for Infor NEXUS Network Platform
  • Impact: Robb led product strategy and development for the Infor NEXUS Control Center, from concept to market launch. His leadership resulted in significant revenue growth, competitive advantage restoration, and enhanced customer enthusiasm. Robb also played a crucial role in UX transformation and product packaging, pricing, and delivery model improvements.

4. ONE Network (2013 – 2016)

  • Role: Vice President of Product Design
  • Impact: Robb was responsible for new products, UX, and interface design/data visualization. He notably led the development of a Command & Control Product, which was ranked #1 in Nucleus Research’s Control Tower Technology Value Matrix in 2017, demonstrating his ability to deliver market-leading innovations.

5. SAP (2006 – 2012)

  • Roles: Various, including Sr. Director Global Center of Excellence for SAP HANA
  • Impact: Robb contributed significantly to SAP’s solution strategies, integrating acquisitions with core SAP applications and developing new, embedded analytics solutions. His work with SAP HANA exemplifies his forward-thinking approach, driving real-time business application scenarios and accelerating core ERP processes.

6. Prodika (2002 – 2006)

  • Role: Executive Vice President
  • Impact: Robb was instrumental in Prodika’s growth from market launch to its successful acquisition. He developed strategic alliances and differentiated branding strategies, enabling the company to compete effectively against larger players in the PLM space for the food and beverage industry.

7. i2 Technologies (1996 – 2002)

  • Role: Various, including Vice President and General Manager of IN2ACTION™
  • Impact: Robb founded IN2ACTION, a venture that developed Enterprise Portal/B2B Marketplace software, showcasing his ability to innovate and lead in the digital marketplace and supply chain management sectors.

Throughout his career, Robb has demonstrated a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic vision, and leadership. His work has not only led to significant product innovations and enhancements but has also contributed to the transformation of company cultures, processes, and customer experiences. His impact extends beyond immediate product launches, influencing industry standards and practices in supply chain solutions, enterprise software, and AI innovation.