i2 Supply Chain Control Tower

Robb Bush designed and produced the first demonstrable “Supply Chain Control Tower” in 1997, featuring a 3D Supply Chain Visualization with 3D Navigation and Time-Series Animation and playback – to provide enhanced visibility to potential Supply Chain problems identified by i2 Technologies’ “Problem Window” that surfaced issues with regard to Customer Service, Inventory, Capacity, and other rule-based ‘Alerts’. It was presented during i2’s keynote presentation at i2′ Technologies Planet 97 at the Biltmore in Arizona. The demonstration was developed using WebGL, ran on a DEC Alpha Workstation, and required a $24,000 graphics card.

Primary Role: Vice President & General Manager
Secondary Role(s): Visualization Designer

Business Driver(s):
Results & Benefits:

Time Range: 1997-1997

Class: Product