SAP IOT – Product-Centric-View (PCV)

The 1992 a Harvard Business Review article entitled “Staple Yourself to an Order” helped to illustrate the customer-centric impact of all processes from the time an order is placed, to fulfillment of the order. Every touch point of the order management process – touches the customer to some degree.
So, what does it mean when every touch point also has an impact on the near and/or long-term performance and profitability of your products and services? the following examples are intended to illustrate various “product-centric” activities that affect a product or service’s overall lifecycle cost, profitability, and ultimately – market success.
This presentation explores the benefits of incorporating transformational “product-centric” applications of cross-functional information and services into everyday activities across diverse business functions and roles – and not just in the context of a single application or module.

Primary Role: Sr. Director – Solution Management
Secondary Role(s):

Business Driver(s): Capture Market Opportunity
Results & Benefits: Improved Market Perception

Time Range: 2006-2008

Class: Project